While living in the Atlanta area for three months of training we had local outreach time every week. We would have a group go to a nursing home and one group visit an apartment complex with refugees from Burma, Iran, several countries in East Africa and other parts of the world. I usually went to the apartment complex, helping the children with homework and playing games outside when the weather was nice. Let's just say I am not good at soccer and the 4 year olds took me down. :) The children were great though, they soaked up the attention and loved any games we had.



We also went downtown once a week for ministry, several times we did Prayer Stations where we would set up a table of Bibles and information then head out to ask people if they wanted prayer. We wore aprons that said "Prayer Changes Things" and would ask people if they wanted prayer for anything. I am not going to lie but putting on aprons and going up to people was a challenge for me the first time or two out. We had great responses from people though, a few did not want to pray with us but most were open, some even came up to us and asked if we would pray with them. We prayed over jobs, family, the future, and for wisdom in different situations. We were not only a witness to non-believers but several people from different churches would come up and ask about how to get started doing the same thing. It was encouraging and I would love to see others reach out and do something similar in their city. After every prayer station outreach we would come back with amazing stories of people we talked to and how God had touched lives.

During our two-month outreach period we stayed in downtown Atlanta for one week. We had the opportunity to lead a children's program every morning on the worst block of Atlanta. One of my favorite ministry opportunities though was Night Light where we met for a couple hours on Friday night to have a time of worship and prayer. The group (which goes out every week, our team only went out once) then goes out to the red light district in Atlanta. The reasoning for going is to not only prayer walk around the area but to ask the pimps and prostitutes if they would like prayer. We were able to pray with a couple ladies and came back around 3AM to debrief and have some more time of worship. It was amazing to hear stories of how God is working and see His light being shown into the darkest parts of our city. It was a very late night but worth every minute!

Prayer walking and asking God what He wanted us to do was a big part of our week. My favorite time of ministry was on our last day downtown. We prayed that afternoon about what we were going to do that evening and waited on God to tell us. He did and opened up so many doors for us to talk to people! We prayed and one person said we should hand out flowers, somebody else got a location, and we prayed through the ideas and got ready for our last night in Atlanta. We bought roses and wrote down and tied Bible verses to them. Then we headed to a trendy area called Little Five Points where we walked around in two groups and passed out the flowers, asking people if they wanted prayer. As we were passing out flowers a couple invited us over to a coffee shop across the street which had an open mic night. They told us it was a hang out spot for a lot of homeless people. We walked over and talked with the couple who told us about the coffee shop and they introduced us to several of their friends. Our group spent over an hour sitting outside talking with people about life and God. It was a great evening and we had several good conversations, our new friends invited us to come back anytime we were in the area.

I still live in Atlanta and am continuing to get plugged into different things. Atlanta is such a large city, there is always something going on! God has big plans for the people living here and I'm glad I'm one of them!




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