I went to China during the summer of 2009, it was my first time to China and my first trip to Asia in general. God taught me a lot about Himself and I learned a lot about ministry in Asia. I made several wonderful friends along the way and are still emailing back and forth with many of them.



3We went to China thinking we would be teaching English in high schools but plans fell through, God had other plans and as always His plans are bigger than ours’. God opened up the doors in amazing ways for us to have English Corners at a nearby University. We would stand outside a building at a university and hold up a sign so students could come practice their English. We had anywhere 2from 10-20 students at a time wanting to listen to and speak their English. Sometimes we had questions or topics we wanted to talk about and sometimes the Chinese students would ask questions which would lead to a new topic. We talked about relationships, values, family, and more. The students loved talking with us and it was great to have the chance to ask them about their life or beliefs. After we would talk for three hours (in the afternoon heat) they would ask us to come out again after dinner so we headed back out to have fellowship with them in the park for a few hours in the evening.

We also had the opportunity to teach at a little school for three days where we were the teachers for 3-4 hours a day. We split up and taught children from ages 4-18. Another student and I taught the older students, many of whom did not know very much English. We worked on sentence structure with them and played a few games, we even made a seek-n-find on the chalkboard. I learned a lot about teaching and how even if you can’t talk about God you can still show His love through your actions.


5I went to China asking God to open the doors for our team and show me some of the spiritual need in Asia. God showed Himself and used our team in more ways than I could have imagined. I saw the hunger for truth and how God can just open the doors when you listen to Him and just be yourself with people. I have to admit, I never thought I would fall in love with China but the people were so kind and open that I couldn’t help but come back wishing to go back one day. China is rising up in the world and I pray that one day it would spiritually be a strong country too.

Please pray for China and those who live there!






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