January 2010 came and I spent 31/2 weeks down in the Cancun, Mexico area with some of our DTS students for a great time of outreach. Mexico was where I went on my very first mission trip when I was 15 years old so I was excited to go back to the country where God began to show me how important missions are!



2The first week we spent most the day doing construction work on an orphanage that will hopefully be opening to house children within the next year. The property has a chapel where Church services are held, an area where they hope to open a restaurant, a fabulous pool where the community can come, and an area where meetings or conferences can be held. The first week we worked with a college group from Nyack, New York, together we mixed concrete and moved 1,000 concrete blocks up to the second floor of the dorm buildings. This was my first time to do construction work and I was pumped to have the chance to do some physical labor and see the progress on a job site. While I may have taken Tylenol every evening I really3 did enjoy working together to mix concrete and learn from the Mexicans how to work most effectively. I also enjoyed the arm muscles I got by the end of the week! The next week a group of men came and put the roof on and the structure looked like a whole new building! It was so exciting to see it all coming together and I look forward to seeing bunk-beds and children running around!


4We also worked alongside Pastor Manuel who has an amazing story. He was beginning a ministry and God led him to the gate of what used to be the biggest brothel in Quintana Roo (the state in which Cancun is located). The owner was trying to sell the property for $1,000,000 but ended up selling it to the pastor for $250! It is a wonderful facility for church. It has several areas for people to meet and a large kitchen (where I know some great Mexican food will be cooked up for Sunday afternoons!). There are also a number of rooms where women used to “work” which are being painted, redecorated, and prayed over so missionary teams can have a place to stay when they come in town to minister. It was wonderful to Hear Pastor Manuel’s heart and vision for the area, he really wants God to break through in that area and is doing his part to reach out to others! It was encouraging to hear of God coming in and totally doing what seems impossible. It was also encouraging to see a property which the enemy meant for evil is now being used to glorify the One who gave us life!




6The last week we traveled five hours by car to a village called Morelos to work with Pastor Willy who has worked with teams from the States many times. Each day we worked on the church property for a few hours digging holes and picking through concrete, dirt, and rock. The holes will later be where the pillars to the church building will be placed. It was tiring and hard work but we made some good progress over the few days we were there. Shovels were helpful tools and pickaxes were the tool of choice when it came time to break away cement and get the big rocks loose. It was a time to really focus on teamwork because you could only work in the heat so long and then someone else would come in and take over so you wouldn’t over exert yourself.






In the afternoons we went out to different towns to do park ministry. We had dramas, songs, and a message for children and adults of all ages. It was great to see physical things being done in the morning, to know we were helping with the foundation and know of the great things God will continue to do in that church. Then in the evenings we got to see the spiritual fruits of our labor through prayer and conversations with the Mexicans in the parks.






7My time in Mexico went by fast but I have great memories and stories from being there. God is doing many wonderful things in Mexico and I was glad to be a small part of it! God was gracious to give me the opportunity to go back to the country where my heart for missions really began to beat. Please continue to pray with me for the ministries already happening and for those that will begin all over Mexico! Gracias mi amigos!





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